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Stick Lamp

Sculpture Concept / 2019

Sometimes design should not be that simple to use. Sometimes it can focus on evoking certain emotions and even require some extra work in order for design to function. "Stick Lamp" is a concept of a table lamp that tries to hinge on that.

We used to make fire by applying spinning on a wooden stick that was pressed towards another piece of wood. Friction created between the two pieces would ignite fire. A similar interaction is applied to the modern hardware. In order to turn the light on and keep it on one would have to spin the stand of a lamp real quick in both directions to charge the battery that is hidden inside the base of the lamp. Once charged, the lamp will stay on for as long as the charged battery will last. If you want to turn the light off before the charged battery runs out of power, you'd have to grab the lamp in the light area and hold it for a second as shown on the images below.

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